Our Projects

The Mini Farm is the result of a passion for growing fruit and vegetables organically. The Mini Farm is a unique modular design to allow the most efficient growing of fruit, vegetables, berries and herbs as well as incorporating chickens for their eggs. The enclosed system can be easily installed to prevent birds, possums and foxes impacting production.

Based on permaculture principles, this product is self-sustaining and high yielding due to its design. The chickens, apart from giving you fresh free range eggs are there to reduce insect and slug/snail damage, aerate beds after the completion of their harvest and utilise their manure from the coop to add to the compost for the fertilisation of the soil.

The raised beds are cypress boxes. This timber is naturally resistant to termites and rot and therefore requires no chemical treatment. This material is in keeping with organic principles.

The espalier fruit trees are an important feature as they allow efficient fruit growing. This space saving method allows for a greater variety and number of trees in the space.

The modular layout is ideal for crop rotation and due to its design features, can be built in varying sizes.

The Mini farm is a real ‘paddock to plate’ product that offers food security, optimal nutrition, recycling with self-compositing and reduced carbon foot print. The health and environmental benefits speak for themselves.

This outdoor landscape shouts lifestyle! The active family of five loves this creation as it combines country living with resort lifestyle.

With tennis court, large open lawn, in ground pool with decking, separate entertainment areas including fire pits for kids and adults and single sided mini farm, this all-inclusive outdoor space finds this family living outdoors more than indoors. All these elements have a connectivity that harmonise with the entire landscape.

Incorporating the Mini Farm within this landscape has been a huge success for the lifestyle of this family. Due to the modular construction of the Mini Farm, we were able to build this one single sided so it was practical for time and space requirements.

The brief for this beautiful landscape was to champion the beauty of the terraced vegetable garden for its aesthetic qualities. Working with line and contours, the slope and surfaces of this garden had to be addressed with high performance drainage incorporated.

We used the contour and line then added surface textures, plant form colour and texture, to create the overall harmonisation of this space.

Rustic timber and rocks are a major feature of this garden as it balances some of the more modern features that are in keeping with the Glen Murcutt inspired home.

TGB Outdoor Design is focussed on lifestyle properties where the clients are looking to develop their outdoor living space.

There is an emphasis on entertainment and family areas, sustainable gardens and beautifying the garden to envelop a complete composition.  All members of your family are taken into consideration to tailor make it an outdoor space that everyone can enjoy.

Lately, our projects have included pavilions, pool houses,  swimming pools, tennis courts, wood ovens, decking's, green courtyards, water features, vegetable gardens, orchards and TGB Mini Farms.