Top 5 Factors in Hiring a Landscape Gardener

Top 5 Factors in Hiring a Landscape Gardener

A landscape gardener is a professional well trained and knowledgeable in turning junkyards and un-reclaimed land into a beautiful garden.  These professionals understand what it takes to reclaim your land, and even make your home or office garden more useful and beautiful to add an aesthetic value to your property.  Great landscape gardeners are hard to find, and it may take you some time to find the best fit one to create the garden you very much need.

People invest in landscape gardening for various reasons:

– To add a visual appeal around one’s home or office
– To welcome visitors
– To entice passers-by to envy the home
– To reclaim an area that has been lying unused for some time, and make the best out of the place

Whether you love having flowers or fruits planted around your home, or just want to reclaim an area that doesn’t seem usable, look for someone who truly understands this line of work, and you will be amazed by the outcome.
Conducting a search on available landscapers within your location, may result in a long list of prospective contractors. This may be intimidating especially if you don’t know what exactly to look out for in the hiring process.

Factors You Should Look Out For in Your Hiring Process To Find the Right Landscaper

1. Certification and Experience
Obviously, you need to have the work done and completed expertly and in top notch quality. This is the reason why you only need to hire a well trained and certified landscape gardener for the job.

It is through intensive and extensive training that someone will be able to handle or reclaim an unused land and turn it into a beautiful garden.   This person also needs to have field experience in the same, as it is through experience that quality can be produced.

2. Additional services offered
To get the best from this gardener, you need to check for additional services offered by the same. Services such as decking, turf laying, planting and fencing makes this person all rounded, meaning he will not only landscape your land, but also see to it that the whole project is completed as required.

3. Portfolio and testimonials
Each landscaper in your shortlist should be able to provide a work portfolio, as well as give more than 3 references that you can rely on for more information.

The portfolio should indicate

– How he/she came to be a landscaper;
– Number of years in the field; and
-Happy clients attended to

Take some time to go through each portfolio, and contact a referee to confirm whatever is indicated in the portfolio.

4. Quotations
Always request for a quotation before making any hire. Quotations from several landscapers should give you an idea on how much to spend for the whole project. It should be noted that landscapers who offer additional services have the probability to produce quality. They also tend to charge fairly as opposed to using different contractors for various tasks.

5. Budget
You should have a reasonable budget amount to spend for the project. Only hire a contractor fulfilling the qualities discussed above, as well as charging reasonably for the work.

You should also be ready to adjust the budget, but on the contractor’s request, should more be needed for the project to be successful. Working hand in hand with the contractor will also save you much, and you will learn a lot from the experience.

You can always hire a landscaper you feel trustworthy and professional enough to give the best. To find such landscapers, you can ask your friends or acquaintances to help you out, conduct an online research, or even look in advertisements and the yellow pages. Someone who have used a landscaper can refer you to one, and you can also visit them to see the quality of work produced at the end of the project.

Putting some effort to know the landscapers background, well-being, as well as comparing more than one is great an opportunity to understand the market. It is also recommended as it will open doors where you can find the best fit person for the task.


  • Paula and Jon Whitty
    We knew that we would need a landscape designer with imagination, creativity and the ability to listen to our requirements. When you came to our house you took time listening to what we wanted and the scale of the project. This was important to us, because we were on a budget and timeline. You then offered wonderful suggestions within the scope and offered details. You have transformed our featureless front garden into a beautiful space where the plantings and lovely stone features enhance the natural contours of the yard and existing trees. Our front yard is now more welcoming and complements the look of the house. You gave us a yard that is easy to maintain and and is beautiful in every season. We are extreemly happy with the quality of the workmanship, and your professional nature, and highly recommend you to all our friends. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you!
    Paula and Jon Whitty
  • Gina and Marc Di Paolo
    In November 2012 we commissioned Teedo Beggs to landscape our property in Mount Macedon. The distinguishing qualities that determined our decision to go with Teedo (over other companies we had approached) were his knowledge of indigenous/native horticulture, his understanding of and familiarity with the gardens of Mount Macedon, and his ability to help us to articulate and visualize our own garden on what was a modern architectural structure on a sloping building site. The ‘landscape challenges’ Teedo took on were significant, beginning with a sharply sloping block, significant ‘drainage’ issues, and the presence of large forest eucalyptus trees that we wished to keep. Teedo was able to masterfully incorporate our desire to create a garden that would complement or enhance the sharp angular features of the architecture, protect existing vegetation, include and incorporate native/indigenous plantings, build dry rock retention walls, and provide us with a beautiful outdoor living space that we desperately needed. Teedo’s approach to his work impressed us from the outset because of his uncompromising high standards and attention to detail. Whilst the end results in mid-March may have reflected Teedo’s detailed landscape designs to a T, they far surpassed our own expectations and dreams. Our house on a slippery red slope of Mount Macedon had been transformed into a home with a truly beautiful and functional garden. We are exceedingly proud of what Teedo was able to realize and we highly recommend his work- without reservation.
    Gina and Marc Di Paolo
  • Kate and Dominic White
    Teedo Beggs responds to each garden space as an artist, the plants are his media and the landscape is his canvas. He introduces sculptural elements through natural and constructed materials. The result is an ever-changing work of art. How do we know this? Our family was fortunate enough to be able to commission Teedo to transform our country garden into a magical place. Using existing plant forms, such as established trees he creatively introduced new excitement into the landscape. The keyhole design of the formal front lawn added a theatrical element to the entry of the property. Visitors were drawn into a green, scented walkway off the sweeping drive through rendered pillars with the promise of more beyond. This opened out into the drama of the larger garden where the eye was greeted by a sensual vista full of wonderful perfumes, colour and graduating forms that complimented the enormous Golden Elm. A wrought iron handmade bench seat embedded in a hidden position ensured a comfortable view. Visitors were then coaxed downwards to the unfolding garden scenes around the house. Beautiful features were integrated into the many gardens created on the property. A graduated fishpond with its babbling waterways was set in a ‘Fairy Garden’. A tennis wall on the court beyond was superbly engineered and constructed to appear as a ‘crumbling ruin’ from another era. A post and rail fence of cypress enclosed a kitchen garden that featured generous raised beds of vegetables, accompanied by fruit trees and red brick pathways. This was a joy to work in and allowed us to feed our family. Teedo Beggs was not only artistic in his vision and execution of his ideas, but he was very professional, sensitive to our needs as a client and respectful in the way he conducted himself and his team throughout the project. We would highly recommend him
    Kate and Dominic White
  • Pete & Geri Walsh
    We have engaged Mr Beggs (Teedo) now for three different landscaping jobs at our residence in Woodend. All jobs have involved both design and construction. In respect of design, Teedo impressed us with his ability to listen and understand our requirements. This lead to a number of design ideas of which we were very pleased. In all cases we then engaged Teedo in the construction. We found his work to be both competitively priced and was completed on time as agreed, despite some minor modifications, at our initiation. The work was finished to a high standard and we have had no reservation in recommending him to our friends and colleagues.
    Pete & Geri Walsh
  • Bruce Cameron
    Being determined to make a garden from an overgrown bush block on the steep slopes of Mt. Macedon had/has it’s challenges. Luckily there is a community here of skilled garden loving and knowledgeable peoples. Most of them think that they are gifted and a few of them actually are. Teedo has an abundant and creative mind that can spit out real and never thought of options and can even more importantly manage these ideas and concepts through to a smooth and real outcome. His forte’ is structural garden design and then the project management/implementation of that design. He has an accurate and unusually quick eye for land/earth contours, levels and drainage. These lines evolve into structure, light and shade, harmony and reflections. Working with him has been a straightforward and professional affair. I have never given him a cheque without feeling pride, happiness and goodwill.
    Bruce Cameron

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